Hey, all. This page is for a tentative Pathfinder campaign, which may or may not be a game that we spend time on during and around Shattered Earth and Daiklave of Damocles.

First order of business is establishing a campaign feel. Pathfinder is essentially D&D in terms of mechanics, but it’s generally more high-powered and much more… archetypically true? I feel like characters are much less cookie-cutter, and at least a little tougher, even in the first couple of levels of play. Fighters, for example, get feats every single level. Wizards have a familiar that functions like a regular D&D one or a material focus like a staff or ring that augments their spellcasting. Occult bloodlines are integral to sorceror skills. Etc.

So short story is that it feels to me more like fantasy. Fighter-types can be grittier, magic-types can be more high-fantasy, and sneaky-types can be more flamboyantly acrobatic or stealthy or otherwise tricksy. So what kind of game would people like to play in a syntax or setting like that? Dungeon Crawl, Intrigue, Mystery, Epic Adventure? Something else?


take a look at your wiki. There [might be] some more helpful info there.


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